Sky Strife logo

The free-to-play,
fully onchain RTS

Compete for control of floating islands in strategic,  fast-paced combat — all onchain.

Defend your castle and be the last one standing

The goal of Sky Strife is to destroy all of your opponents’ castles before they destroy yours.
Capture mines, build your army, and take control of the whole island to win.

Participate in the Economy

The orb (🔮) is the ERC-20 token and backbone of the Sky Strife world.
It is used to create matches. There are a fixed amount of orbs in the world.


Defeat Opponents

Fight against other players in 2, 3, or 4 player matches.


Earn Rewards

Earn a % of 🔮 given by each match based on where you rank.


Create Matches

Use your  🔮 to create custom matches and play anytime!

Created by Lattice

Sky Strife is built by the in-house game studio on the Lattice team.

It is built withMUD and deployed on Redstone.